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Unwind in Zeeland’s coastal bliss

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of this coastal region, our Harbour Villas offer a serene retreat. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nearby Veerse Meer, explore historic Middelburg, and indulge in water activities. Discover the perfect balance of tranquillity and adventure in our inviting Harbour Villas. 

Tranquil aquatic moments

Escape to serenity as you sail the gentle waves and the warm sun and sea breeze envelop you. Navigate pristine waters, surrounded by coastal beauty. It's a gateway to tranquillity, where solace and joy intertwine. Embrace boundless horizons, create cherished memories, and let the allure of the water guide your journey.
Cube houses Urban Residences Rotterdam

Unforgettable exploration through Zeeland

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Zeeland's surroundings through an unforgettable journey by car, bike, or on foot. Set forth on scenic drives, where idyllic landscapes unfold at every turn. Pedal along picturesque coastal paths, feeling the invigorating breeze as you soak in panoramic vistas. Embark on a leisurely walking tour, meandering through quaint villages and capturing the essence of Zeeland's charm. Let the open roads and winding trails lead you to hidden treasures, creating indelible memories of your exploration through Zeeland's captivating surroundings.


Middelburg, located in the heart of Zeeland, is a city steeped in history and charm. Here, you'll discover a captivating blend of stunning architecture, picturesque canals, and a vibrant cultural scene.  Start your exploration by wandering through the historic city centre, where you'll encounter beautiful cobblestone streets lined with charming shops, inviting cafes, and restaurants serving delectable local cuisine. Admire the impressive Gothic and Renaissance buildings that tell stories of the city's prosperous past.  For a panoramic view of Middelburg, climb the Lange Jan tower, the city's tallest structure. From the top, you'll be rewarded with magnificent vistas of the cityscape and beyond.  Finally, take a leisurely stroll along the canals, where you can admire the charming waterfront houses, colourful boats, and tranquil scenery. Feel the sense of history and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this captivating city.  Middelburg invites you to step back in time, explore its treasures, and embrace the warmth and charm of this enchanting destination in Zeeland.
euromast tower in rotterdam
Rotterdam old harbour

Day out with the children

Embark on an exciting day trip tailored for children, combining adventure and education at Zeeland's Delta Works. Set off to explore this remarkable engineering marvel that safeguards the region from the sea's mighty forces. Witness the impressive flood defence system in action through interactive exhibits and informative displays. Delve into the world of water, discover the diverse marine life, and engage in hands-on activities. Complete the day with a visit to a nearby family-friendly beach, where little ones can build sandcastles, splash in the waves, and create treasured memories in the embrace of Zeeland's natural beauty.

Get inspired for your next trip

Restaurant Katseveer

Beautifully situated on the Zeeland Cote D'Azur, the Oosterschelde National Park. Beautiful views with delicious food accompanied by appropriate wines / beers / non-alcoholic drinks. A welcoming and relaxed culinary experience that will stay with you for a long time. For the menu look at www.katseveer.nl/restaurant


The restaurant, the closest to Harbour Village, is in a beautiful location on the Veerse Meer with a view over the marina of Arnemuiden. 70 seats inside and 80 outside. A varied menu with tasty dishes.

Restaurant De Werf

Enjoy the monumental marina of the styadje Veere. The menu consists of surprising dishes with an international feel. The basis of these dishes lies in the use of regional products and the use of regional producers and suppliers. Come and enjoy our delicious and honest kitchen on the best terrace in the Netherlands. We welcome you.

Goese Golfclub

The Goese Golf is a challenging 18-hole championship course, designed by Donald Steel, known for Barsebäck in Sweden, The Carnegie links in Scotland and The Royal County Down in England. De Goese Golf is a parkland golf course with a distance of more than 6000 meters from the yellow tees, the course is one of the longest courses in the Netherlands. The result is a unique place to enjoy the game of golf. Whether this is about a round of golf, to come and practice on the Trackman Range or enjoying Zeeland delicacies in our restaurant. Our team is ready for you!

Watersportbedrijf de Arne

Come and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Veerse Meer in Zeeland. At De Arne you can rent various boats at a competitive rate and you can practice various water sports, such as wakeboarding, supping and tube riding. Do you have your own boat? Also for maintenance & storage, you have come to the right place.

Flipper Watersport

We are Flipper Watersport, a reliable partner for repairs, restoration and maintenance of boats and ships. We are located in Arnemuiden, Zeeland. Flipper is a professional and enthusiastic company that you can count on.