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Harbour Villas Zeeland: Your Premier Boating Holiday Destination

Set sail towards an unparalleled luxury experience at Harbour Villas Zeeland, a haven designed exclusively for avid boaters and marine enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of Zeeland, we pride ourselves on providing a blend of comfort and convenience for those journeying by water.

  • Luxurious villas in Zeeland
  • Private dock
  • Sun-drenched terraces
  • Picture perfect views
  • Serene location
  • Natural and sustainable living

Private Docks: A Boater's Dream

No longer worry about finding a safe spot to anchor. Each of our villas boasts its very own private dock, ensuring direct access to your vessel whenever the tide calls. Experience the ultimate in maritime luxury and convenience, with your boat securely moored just a stone's throw away.

Boat Houses: Beyond Convenience

For those seeking an added layer of exclusivity, select villas come with their private boat houses. Not only does this offer additional protection for your prized vessel, but it also provides an unmatched sense of privacy and luxury. With immediate access to Zeeland's pristine waters, spontaneity has never felt this effortless.


Your Holiday In Zeeland Allure

Beyond the comforts of your villa, delve into the scenic beauty of Zeeland's waterways. Whether it's a lazy afternoon cruise, fishing at dawn, or simply watching the sunset over the horizon, a boating holiday here promises memories that last a lifetime.

A Seamless Transition Between Water And Shore

After a day at sea, retreat to your villa's sumptuous comforts. Dive into local cuisine, indulge in a spa session, or simply relax on your private terrace. Every element at Harbour Villas Zeeland is tailored for the maritime enthusiast seeking a harmonious blend of sea and luxury.


Anchoring Luxury & Adventure

Your next boating escapade deserves a touch of elegance. Dock at Harbour Villas Zeeland and bask in an experience where maritime adventure meets unparalleled luxury.

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